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Hello, my name is Jay C. but everyone call me Inkahustler. I’m a frequent flier/Veteran/Real Estate Agent and love to learn to new things about our brain and soul.

First of all, let me tell you that I eat, breath and sleep travel. During the past ten years I have booked hundreds of thousands of miles worth of frequent flier tickets. I’ve accumulated close to one million points through sign-up bonuses and travel. The single best way to earn large amounts of miles and points is through cards. If you’re responsible and pay your bills on time, getting even a single card can help you see the world.

I use so many points each year we could say that I am a point & miles rich man! So, let me help you achieve your travel goals.


Thank you so much for stopping by, and as always, please feel free to ask any questions. I am a huge fan of helping people save money, points and miles.

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I’ve read several blog posts from people who are savvy travelers/frequent flyers and credit card gurus. I had learned and gained so much knowledge. My goal today is to just help you get started with some travel and credit cards basics.


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If you’ve got basic questions on travel, I’ll give you access to send me an email also, if you want to show appreciation and support for my content.

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I know, you have a lot of questions about travel, and I’ve got answers. With this tier, I’ll give you private access to txt me/ email me (5 questions) industry questions you have — anything from RTW routes to some generic credit card rewards points help!

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Exclusive access to my VIP friends. Also, be added as an Authorized User on my Amex Credit Card with more than $20,000s.